• Little Rose Festival
    17th May – 23rd May, 27th May - 2nd June Little Rose Festival
    17th May – 23rd May, 27th May - 2nd June Little Rose Festival
    5.17.(Fri) 20:00 Opening performance UZA & SHANE (UZA & SHANE) Seoul Rose Festival Festival theme song & lighting lighting show under the rose art shade Junghwa Sports Park Rose art shade
    5.10.(Fri)~6.2(Sun) Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition Gyeonsaengjeon : Catching with Crown Haitai (Sculpture Exhibition) Junghwa Sports Park Rapeseed field,
    Gyeomjaegyo Bridge
    5.17.(Fri) 17:30~19:30 Gyeomjae Street Dance Festival Dance festival with various genres of dance!
    Author: Yoonkyung Ra(MC) / Invited Singer: Yoo Shin, Su Jung Kyung
    • 사회자 조영구
    • 초대가수 박상철
    • 초대가수 서주경
    Team: Gogo Dance Company, Hanbit Dance Company, Gambler Crew, Low Family, etc.
    Gyeomjaegyo Bridge Outdoor stage
    5.17.(Fri), 5.23(Thu) 14:00~19:00 Jungnang Artist Performance A variety of street art performances in Gyeomjae small library, Mokdongcheon Rose Garden, and Forest Zone Rose Garden Gyeomjae small library,
    Mokdongcheon Rose Garden,
    Forest Zone Rose Garden
  • Day of Roses
    24th May (Fri) Day of Roses
    24th May (Fri) Day of Roses
    14:00~16:00 Seoul City exchange-performance High class cultural performance by Seoul City Women's Choir, Dongdaemun-gu performance team, Eunyeong-gu performance team Junghwa Sports Park
    16:00~18:00 Rose Parade Rose Parade March by Military Academy Military Band, 16 dong Dance parade, Multicultural Family Folk Performing Team, Northern Bureau of Veterans Affairs and more. iPark Apartments Front~Rose Tunnel~The 2nd walkway overpass ~ Junghwa Sports Park
    18:30~19:30 Jungnang-gu's Grand Prize Awards for Jungnang-gu citizens.
    ※ The award ceremony for Jungnang-gu 2019 (Service Award, Filial-Piety Award, Special Award)
    Junghwa Sports Park
    19:30~21:30 Rose Song Festival with D'LIVE Youth Song Pride MC : Sangyong Lee
    Invited Singers : Yeonja Kim, Bumryeong Kim, Hoon Kim, Sori Kang, Dongjun Lee
    • 초대가수 김연자
    • 초대가수 김범룡
    • 초대가수 김훈
    • 초대가수 강소리
    • 초대가수 이동준
    17:00~18:00 Local cultural arts performances Local cultural arts performances / Seoul City exchange-performance Forest Zone Rose Garden (Surimdae Rose Garden)
    19:30~21:00 Rose Jazz Concert Jass Music played by PANDORA
  • Lovers' Day
    25th May (Sat) Lovers' Day
    25th May (Sat) Lovers' Day
    17:00~18:00 Rose fashion show Hanbok Fashion Show, Hanbok Flash Mob Forest Zone Rose Garden
    19:30~21:00 Local cultural arts performances Jungnang artist performance, multicultural performance
    14:00~16:00 Interchange Performance of overseas and Seoul Metropolitan Government Yeongdeungpo-gu,
    Dongdaemun-gu Choir,
    Indian performance team
    Junghwa Sports Park
    16:00~17:00 Seoul City Performance Troupe Seoul Boys and Girls Choir "Singing the World"
    17:00∼18:00 Seoul City Performance Troupe Seoul City Choir "Chorus Concert with Theme"
    19:30~21:30 Rose & Music Party Cast: UZA & SHANE, Ben, 10 centi, Day break
    • 초대가수 UZA&SHANE
    • 초대가수 벤
    • 초대가수 10센치
    • 초대가수 데이브레이크
  • Wife's Day
    26th May (Sun) Wife's Day
    26th May (Sun) Wife's Day
    09:00~12:00 Walking on the rose path Walking on the rose path "You will only need to walk on the flowery path" Walking on the rose path with Jungnang people
    ※ MC: Jungnang Sports Council
    Junghwa Sports Park
    14:00~15:30 Rose Trot Medley Local group performances and trot performances
    17:00~19:00 Domestic and international exchange-performance Traditional Performances in Yangju City (Sonorigut),
    India and Bangladesh
    19:30~21:00 Rose Music Concert Yang Hee Eun, Position, Yang Su Kyung
    Happy Generation Concert
    • 초대가수 양희은
    • 초대가수 포지션
    • 초대가수 양수경
    Junghwa Sports Park
    21:00~21:30 Ending Show Fire show combined with fireworks, laser, and music
    18:00~19:00 Rose Picnic Garden Concert An event for wives and mothers more beautiful than a flower

    Target : Seven couples

    Society : Professional Announcer

    Performance : Musical gala concert performance (Glass box Lee Jun-jun)

    Forest Zone Rose Garden
  • Permanent program
    24th May (Fri) - 26th May (Sun) Permanent program
    24th May (Fri) - 26th May (Sun) Permanent program
    13:00~20:00 Street performances by artists of Jungnang Indie Band, Broadcast Dance, Drawing, Traditional Performance, busking performance including guitar playing, comic mime, nanta, and magic performances Mukdongcheon Rose Garden
    Forest Zone Rose Garden
    Rose tunnel
    Rose Fountain Park
    11:00~21:00 Rose Market Rose flower, pressed flower, rose soap, Rose fragrances, rose cushions, rose desserts, etc. Jungnangcheon-ro
    (Vehicle control)
    Ttraditional market Food booth Food market of distinctive menu by each traditional market
    Small Business Product sale Exhibition and sales of excellent products of Jungnang-gu small and medium enterprises
    International Exchange Center Bulgaria, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc. Traditional accessories and multicultural food sales by country
    Beauty Garden Zone Hair, makeup, hanbok rental(Hangatjida), Clothes of the time of enlightenment (Gyeongseong clothes) rental Mukdongcheon Rose Garden
    Rose Industry Exhibition Rose Club, Treeplenet, Garden Plant, Giant Flower Workshop, Monthly Gardening
    Local Brand Festival Damyang, Yangju, Haenam, Hamyang, Kimje, etc. Junghwa Sports Park
    Experience zone Beauty garden zone, hanbok experience, little rose train, Onggi, woodwork, Korean paper experience and more.
    Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition Rose art shade. Rapeseed Flower Field Propose Photo Zone, Symbolic Sculpture Photo Zone, Crown Haitai Sculpture Exhibition, etc.
    Food truck Various foods to meet at the festival hall